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This is the home of the world's most powerful martial arts fighting system! If you are seriously committed to Muay Thai (“Thai Boxing”), whether you’re a beginner, an amateur or a professional fighter preparing for a fight, or simply aiming to drastically increase your fitness level – Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai is the perfect environment for you. This is where you can find quality Muay Thai training in a positive and genuine environment that still looks like the real Thailand. If you want to be supported by competent coaching and you aspire to be part of a winning team, Sitjemam Muay Thai is the place to be. Our boxing camp is not a modern 'Muay Thai supermarket' owned by a multinational corporation but is actually based on our resident fight team. We offer visiting trainees the possibility of working out in small groups with our fight team, under the expert guidance of our technical staff. You won't feel like ‘just a number’ here and you won't ever be left alone kicking a bag for hours – because our priority is pushing everyone towards their personal goals to create winning athletes.


Our boxing camp is located in Pai, the ‘chill out’ and white water rafting capital of Thailand. Free from tuk-tuks, hassling touts, go-go bars, fast food chains and pollution, Pai is the perfect place to dedicate yourself to Muay Thai. Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai camp features two newly built large and finely decorated rooms, with king-size bed, en suite bathroom with hot shower and free Wi-Fi, at a fixed all-year-round price for our students. We have also selected a range of the best accommodation options around the camp that will allow you to choose the most suitable place for your requirements. Room prices may vary throughout the year. For those who want the exciting opportunity to experience a full immersion in the traditional Northern Thai environment, we are now offering simple Thai style homestay accommodation by a local village host family (limited spots available, so please book ahead). READ MORE

Things to do

The beautiful little town of Pai is easily reached by local bus service and private AYA minibus service from Chiang Mai every hour (150 baht per person), as well as via twice-daily 20-minute flights operated by KanAir. Taxi service from Chiang Mai Airport can also be arranged through us at a reasonable price. Once in town, reach the camp by following the signs after Pai Airport, meet us at our office located on the Walking Street within a few steps of the local bus station, or simply call us for a free pick-up.
Although Pai is famous for its unique atmosphere and live music shows, this little town has much more to offer, including: white water rafting at its best here in Thailand, astonishing landscapes spotted by colourful hilltribe villages and waterfalls easily reachable on planned trekking routes, rock climbing, motocross, several caves and natural hot springs, eco-friendly elephant camps, restaurants and markets selling delicious authentic local food, cooking classes, Thai language and Shan massage schools, Vipassana meditation retreats and fishing spots.
We will be glad to arrange any of these activities for you. At Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai, you will receive outstanding Thai boxing training and be rewarded with a great Northern Thai lifestyle. READ MORE

Visa assistance

Sitjemam is happy to offer advice on choosing the right visa and how to satisfy visa requirements to make your trip stress free.

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Sitjemam Muay Thai,
Pai, Maehongson
Thailand, 58130
(+66) 83 321 2230 (Eng/Thai)
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